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Anchorage ARC VEC Online Remote Exam Sessions - Testing Monday through Saturday, twice daily

Feb 21, 2024 (Wed)
10:00-11:00am PST
Test Fee:
Remote session - see session notes
Anchorage Amateur Radio Club
Slots available:
0 / 1 slots claimed
Notes from the team:


Check our REMOTE TESTING page to learn about the remote testing process to be sure you are equipped to do so.

After you register you will receive an e-mail with instructions to pay for your session seat and to complete your examination agreement form. PLEASE DO THIS IMMEDIATELY TO LOCK IN YOUR SEAT.

FYI - That e-mail will ALSO have the Zoom link you'll need for the examination session in it, so please hang on to it.

If you do NOT receive the e-mail with instructions, send an e-mail to VEC@KL7AA.ORG to let us know.

There are NO REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON. Be sure you indeed wish to register for this session before you proceed.