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Hurst, Texas In Person Exam Session, for info visit https://W5HRC.ORG/testing/amateur-radio-license-testing/

Jul 22, 2023 (Sat)
10:00-11:30am CDT
W5PFH: W5PFH Exam Team
Test Fee:
837 W Pipeline Rd, Hurst, TX 76053, USA
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W5YI Licensing Services
Slots available:
5 / 12 slots claimed
Notes from the team:

Payment: PayPal prior to exam or CASH at time of exam.

For test session information and requirements visit https://w5hrc.org/testing/amateur-radio-license-testing/. Directions for payment and zoom are on the website.

Federal Registration Number (FRN): If you currently have, or have had, a ham license or any other FCC license, then use your existing FRN. If you do not have an FRN, you may register for one when you register for the exam. You may also register by visiting the FCC’s Registration page and clicking “Register for an FRN.” Your FRN must be submitted on the exam FCC application. If you are upgrading, your name on the registration must exactly match the name on your FCC license.

Expired license: If you previously had an amateur license that has expired, let us know about it before your exam, so that we can set up the exam system appropriately for you. In some cases you may qualify for various credits.

New applicants and renewals: The FCC requires an application fee be paid directly to the FCC upon successful exam completion. W5YI will submit exam results to the FCC. Applicants will receive an email directing them to pay the application fee. Applicants have 10 days to pay or the exam results will be dismissed. You DO NOT need to wait for the email from the FCC to pay your fees. You may login to the FCC CORES site https://apps.fcc.gov/cores/paymentFrnLogin.do and pay your fees BEFORE receiving the FCC email! If the exam is dismissed, the applicant will have to contact W5YI to resubmit their exam results. You MUST NOT MAKE ANY CHANGES TO A PENDING APPLICATION!! If a change needs to be made let the application grant AS IS, (i.e. get your call sign), then call W5YI VEC 1-800-669-9594 and ask Tracy to submit any changes or corrections. The FCC CANNOT accept payment from a tablet or smart phone. Pay only with desktop or laptop PC.