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Last Frontier Volunteer Examiner Club Remote Session (WL7VEC - Alaska)

Jul 21, 2023 (Fri)
6:00-8:30pm AKDT
Test Fee:
Remote session - see session notes
American Radio Relay League (ARRL-VEC)
Notes from the team:

This session is being listed here as a part of our remote exam service! Our technical requirements and procedures can be found by reading our remote testing page, found HERE. This page is a MUST READ. If you haven't read our remote testing page and are not prepared on exam day, you will NOT be permitted to test with us!

Applicants who are physically in Alaska who are unable to meet the requirements for a fully remote examination may qualify to receive a proctored remote exam. More information on proctored remote testing can be found by going HERE.

All session times are Alaska Time. If you are testing with us from outside Alaska, please add the following to account for your local time zone:

  • Add 1 hour if you are in the Pacific Time Zone
  • Add 2 hours if you are in the Mountain Time Zone
  • Add 3 hours if you are in the Central Time Zone
  • Add 4 hours if you are in the Eastern Time Zone
  • Add 5 hours if you are in the Atlantic Time Zone