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Anchorage ARC On Line Exam Sessions -- PLEASE READ THE NOTES FOR INSTRUCTIONS !!!!

Date: Oct 18, 2021 (Mon)
Time: 2:30pm PDT
Duration: an hour
Contact: W1JD
Test fee: $15.00
Location: Online session - see session notes
VEC: Anchorage Amateur Radio Club


You will receive an e-mail with instructions to pay for your session seat and to complete your examination agreement form. PLEASE DO THIS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE TO LOCK IN YOUR SEAT FOR TESTING.

If you do NOT receive the e-mail with instructions, you may click here to get to the page with instructions to complete 2 additional required actions.

There are NO REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON. Be sure you indeed wish to register for this session before you proceed.

Slots available: 1 / 2 slots claimed