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WP3R #5559 Sesion en Español o Ingles (English or Spanish) Abril 21, 2021` 7:00 PM (23:00 UTC)

Date: Apr 21, 2021 (Wed)
Time: 7:00pm EDT
Duration: 3 hours
Contact: WP3R
Test fee: $10.00
Location: Online session - see session notes
VEC: Greater Los Angeles Amateur Radio Group

El Radio Club del Observatorio de Arecibo, KP4AO y su grupo de examinadores del GLAARG ofrecerá sesión de exámenes en español o ingles.. Miercoles 17 de Marzo a las 7:00PM hora de Puerto Rico....... (23:00 UTC). .. Contacto : email glaargpr@gmail.com

The Arecibo Observatory Amateur Radio Club, KP4AO and its group of VE's will offer their next exam session on March 17, 2021 at 7:00PM AST Local Puerto Rico Time (23:00 UTC) Contact: glaargpr@gmail.com

"FCC Exams in English or Spanish... Examenes De la FCC en español e ingles"

Para mayor información puedes accesar: www.glaargpr.com

If you have questions about the test, please contact us glaargpr@gmail.com

Es libre de costo para: Estudiantes, Primer respondedores, Veteranos, Militares Exam is free of charge to: Students, First responders, Veterans and Military personnel.

Slots available: 11 / 11 slots claimed
This session is full!