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DEFCON Amateur Radio Testing Session Day 2, 8/8/2020 #5233

Date: Aug 08, 2020 (Sat)
Time: 5:00pm EDT
Duration: 10 hours
Contact: N1CCK
Test Fee: $5.00
Location: Online session - see session notes
VEC: Greater Los Angeles Amateur Radio Group

This is to sign up for Day 2 Amateur Radio testing at the DEFCON 2020 virtual Ham Village.

This session is at 2 pm Pacific

A note about fees: The standard exam fee for remote exams performed by GLAARG-VEC is $10; for DEFCON special even it will be $5. This fee is waived for any applicants that are under the age of 18, a student with a current student ID, active military, or a veteran of the armed forces. If you believe you meet any of these criteria, please reply to the invoice you will receive from defcon (at) n1cck.us with proof as such.

Important information follows; if you do not read it, you may not be able to test, not know what is happening, or simply look foolish on exam day. Help us help you have a successful exam session, and work these things out ahead of time.

You will receive an invoice via PayPal sent to the email address you used to register; prompt payment is appreciated.

The day before your exam session, you will receive a Zoom link with instructions as to when to join sent to the email you provided at registration. Yes, we are aware that there are security concerns with the Zoom platform; unfortunately, nothing is yet quite as ubiquitous or end-user-friendly or meets our use requirements, so here we are. If you want to code a replacement, I'd be happy to consider using it if you can prove it is stable and meets our use case prior to test day.

You will need to have accessible:

  1. A photo ID / proof of identification.
  2. Your PIN from registration
  3. A webcam that works with sufficient resolution that can be moved to show your room. A second device may be required if your webcam is not mobile.
  4. Stable, high-speed internet
  5. A distraction-free environment, including a clear desk with a single enabled monitor and no other people in the room.
  6. A can-do attitude

For more information, visit https://glaarg.org/remote-sessions/ or email Nick at defcon (at) n1cck.us.

Slots available: 22 / 22 slots claimed
This session is full!